8250 Park Road, Batavia, NY 14020

Donations & Fundraisers Donations:

Required information for donations: School Fundraising Ideas

Flyer for Event 

Not for profit information & Mailing address for Two Tickets to Palm Island Indoor Waterpark if approved.

Once we receive the information for the donation we will review it and mail out the certificate to qualifying charities.
E-mail Donation@palmislandindoorwaterpark.com or
Palm Island Indoor Waterpark Donations
c/o Tom Phelps
8250 Park Road
Batavia, NY 14020 

Fundraising Opportunity

How you make Money:

You Sell tickets in Advance to the Waterpark (We Recommend Normal Price of $10.00 or a Discounted Price)

We charge $5.00 per-person for advance sold pass to utilize the Waterpark (dry or wet passes)

We Charge $8.00 per-person for day off Tickets Sold to utilize the Waterpark (dry or wet passes)

What we require:
Contact us with request for Fundraising opportunity fundraiser@palmislandindoorwaterpark.com
Choice of any unbooked Thursday not proceeding a Holiday (Use 3:30pm-8:00pm) Signed Contract Reserving the Date
  • You advertise and promote the Fundraiser
  • You Sell Tickets in advance to the Waterpark & Collect Money
  • You Provide us with number of tickets sold by 12pm noon the Monday prior to the event
  • Before Closing the day of Fundraiser you pay for the number of Tickets Turned in Company Check or Cash
We Require Volunteers for the following
  • Rolling Towels During the Event
  • Cleaning park & Picking-up Towels During Event
  • Sell additional tickets at the door (not required tickets sold in Gift Shop will not add to your fundraising total)

What we supply:

  •    Lifeguards, Slide Attendants, Gift Shop & Concession Stand Staff, Towels to all the guests
  •     The concession stand open selling Food & Drink
  •     Gift Shop Open
  •     Use of Waterpark from 3:30pm until 8:00pm

Park will still be open to outside guests and Hotel Guests