8250 Park Road, Batavia, NY 14020

​At this time we are still only open to hotel guest packages.

These packages can only be purchased by calling the hotel at 585-344-2100.

If you purchase a hotel room online, through third party site, you will not have waterpark access without paying the additional fee. Booking though third party sites also have additional fees they charge you when completing the booking.  

​You must use a credit card and have on file to book a room.

 General Questions and Answers Pricing is now Plus Tax. Save the value of tax and pay in cash (Some of these answers still are for if we are selling day passes)
We are geared for kids 12 Years and Younger. There is stuff to entertain guests that are older when accompanied with someone under age of 12.
We do not have an ADULT only Hot Tub or SPA as we are geared for a family environment with kids 12 years and younger..

Waterpark Entrance,
Only coming to the Waterpark Enter through Waterpark Entrance in Back of Hotel Facing Target Store near Rear Palm Tree.

We do not supply towels

Do parents have to pay?
o Yes Everyone needs to pay to enter the Waterpark. Watch the Calendar for Free Dry Pass Days.
o Yes to stay for the party they would need a dry pass which costs $5.00

Children 1 and Under
o $3.00 Comes with Swim Diaper Must be below 42” Tall
o Free with Proof or Swim Diaper Must be below 42” Tall
Must wear a Swim Diaper (No Exception)
o Diapers are not allowed in pool as they expand and explode must wear swim diaper

We ask that you do not change your child on the tables in Water Park others have to eat there too.

Please do not disrobe yourself or your child in the waterpark. we have changing rooms and a family room with a changing table

Please rinse off in the showers before getting in pool to remove and make-up or soap to help keep pool clean for other guests

-If you or your child does something against the rules you or they will be spoken too (Whistle may Be Blown as Well) This is for yours, theres and others safty. We do not have time to come find you first if your child is doing something against the rules, Yes even if you are right there. Action must be stopped as quickly as possible this is part of the staffs training to keep incedents down. No they are not allowed to do it if you think it is Okay. If your child has a hard time comprehending directions please make sure you inform staff and stay with your child for safety.  

-Everyone Must fallow the rules even if you are the only ones here. The rules are in place for a reason.

-Staff is not yelling to be mean when they tell someone to do something it is loud in the waterpark with just the water on, they are just making sure the information is being heard, and yes we must tell them to walk everytime they are not. 

Please always check calendar before coming
o Winter Months we can sell out to hotel guests
o Summer Months we have blackout dates or times

No Pets are Allowed
(Service Animals with Proper Animal I.D. Verification)

No Outside Food or Beverage are allowed in the Waterpark
o Including Alcoholic Beverages
o Outside food or beverage will be thrown away no questions asked

-Food allergies are considered on a per person basis. It is up to the discretion of the staff.  If you are allowed something for the person with allergies to be brought in permission will be revoked if you are eating/drinking something we carry in house. 

Concession Stand
o Pepsi Products
o NOT Peanut Free
o Concession Items Like: Pizza, Hotdogs, Chicken Fingers, Hamburgers, Tator Tots, French Fries
We do Not carry Lettuce, Tomato, Onions

o Refillable Cups Each Refill Cost Extra but are at a discounted rate
Can be used for as long as you own the cup For Soda or Slushie Products
o Mini Melts Ice Cream
o Food is made to order on average and we use Ovens no deep fryer Nothing is instant

Party Rooms
Temperature is set to waterpark Temperature 85° it cannot be adjusted

Can not get in the room more the 10 minutes before start of party

Coolers can not be brought into the waterpark
Large Purses or Bags may be searched upon arrival or upon question

No Glass can be brought into the waterpark

MARCO POLO is NOT allowed in our pools (Consequence of inappropriate touching)

Piñatas are not allowed in Waterpark Because of Spacing , garbage, and hanging ability

o Tokens are included in party packages
o Arcade games take Tokens, Lobby Arcade Games take Tokens and American Quarters
o Change Machine in arcade
o Most Games in Arcade give out tickets or prizes based on skill of the player (Lobby Games do not)

Locker rentals
o You can rent lockers from the Gift Shop at $3. for the day plus a $5 deposit. Once
the key is brought back (must be same day) you will receive your $5 deposit back.
o Lockers Open and Close all Day with no additional charge
o Lockers are personal size 1 foot square

Discounts & Coupons
o Discounts and Coupons can only be used on Full Day Passes
o Not valid on discounted days, Days with Toekns included or short days
o May not be valid on peak or black-out days
o Seneca Park
Zoo Discounts can be used any time

Height Requirement
o Must be 42” tall to ride the 2 Large Slides
o Cannot Ride with another person
o Cannot utilize floatation device in slides unless built into swim suit

Under 18
o Must be supervised by a parent or guardian above age of 18
o Parent or guardian must be in waterpark
o Minors must be supervised at all times.
o Minors in Groups need one Parent or guardian per 5 Minors

What Age is right for the waterpark
o Our waterpark target audience is children 0-12 years in age so that parents feel more relaxed bringing their younger children
o We do have something for everyone to do
Do you have to be a hotel guest to utilize the waterpark
o No, Tickets are based on availability with ticket sales going to hotel guests first
o Tickets can only be purchased that day for that day from the gift shop
o We do list tickets on-line for peak-blackout dates
o Always call for availability before coming. To guarantee entrance and the best deal book an overnight room package and use the waterpark for two days.

Do you have group tickets available
o Yes discount pricing starts with party packages with a minimum of 8 guests
o Groups start at 16 guests by contacting our gift shop during park hours. Group sales must be done a minimum of 1 day in advance. With
some restricitons

What is the temperature in the waterpark
o Air temperature inside the main waterpark area is 85 degrees
o Pools & slides are 84/85 degrees
o Spa is 98.5 This is so children of all ages can be in the Spa as we are a family friendly waterpark
o Outside pool when open is not heated!!!

Do you have gift certificates
o Yes

Does hotel have its own pool
o No the waterpark is the only pool in the hotel
o Do hotel guests get to use the park for free
-If you have a waterpark package
-Otherwise you have to pay for tickets

Forms of payment
-Cash, Credit Card
ATM on Site as well

Can you leave and come back
o Yes if it is the same day

o You can bring in your own flotation devices
o Noodles are not allowed
o We supply a limited number of coast guard approved life vests for free
Swim Attire/Bathing suits Must have Bathing suit on
o Family friendly Suits (Discretion is on the staff)
o No Rivets, Jewels, or metal that can scratch the slides are allowed
o Jean Shorts are not allowed
o We have bathing suits for sale in our gift shop from $8-$22 (Availability of sizes changes daily)

Locker rooms
o Men’s and Women’s changing Rooms off Lobby
o Family Changing room with changing station off lobby

Lockers are located in Lobby of Waterpark

Climbing on Rocks is not permitted

No Splashing of others in any pool

No Flips under water or hand stand you do not want to get kicked nobody else does either

We do not have outlets to charge electronics

Kiddy Pool (Monson Lagoon)
o Is Geared for Children Below 42”
o Can be utilized by anyone with respect for the younger patrons
o Younger Children below 24” can ride on Adult Guardians Lap on kiddy pool slides
        Make sure Childs legs and feet are on your lap so they do not get caught under you

Some Basic Rules (This does not include every rule)

  • NO Marco Pollo (As stated Above)
  • Balls in Basket Ball pool are for basketball only
  • Must keep balls on pool side of pool and not thrown over
  • Balls can not be thrown, Tossed or smaked back and forth or at each other
  • No Running in waterpark
  • Slides are 1 at a time
  • You are not allowed to climb up slides
  • Do not play with videos games unless paying for them
  • Nothing is free please pay for it before taking it
  • do not push others
  • can not be on the back of others or hanging on others in pool or pool deck
  • do not touch basket ball rim or net (No Dunking or hanging)
  • Must use stairs to get in Pool and Spa
  • No Climing on Rocks or walls
  • No Standing on Seats in Pool or Spa or Pool Deck
  • When a Line has formed you are limited to 15 minutes in SPA
  • Please pick up after yourself we do not have waitstaff
  • Park & Bathroom Lights go off  15minutes after water is shut off please plan use of Bathrooms accordingly 
  • ​No Handstands or flips in pool
  • Rules apply even if you are the only one here
  • You can not hold tables in waterpark
  • If the lifeguards tell you not to do something and you continue you will be asked to leave with no refund
  • No Splashing others
  • Must have an adult in basket ball pool water with you if you can not swim
  • Do not cross over slide run outs
  • We do not allow noddles in waterpark. (They become wepons or people think they are flotation devices neither is a good Idea)
  • Squirt guns must be smaller then your hand
  • If staff tells you its against the rules then its against the rules even if you disagree I want to drive 80mph all the way home but I still can't
  • You can not pay for the prizes in the Gift Shop they go by tickets from the Arcade
  • You can not hang things from the walls or ceiling
  • Must Respect others
  • Can not jump in or enter water from pool deck with out utilizing the stairs
  • No Jumping of Pool or Spa Stairs
  • Must keep head above water in SPA
  • SPA is for Relaxation not playing